Best Haier Washing Machine In India 2020

Haier is a relatively newer brand for Indian consumers when it comes to the comparison with the giants like Samsung, Whirlpool and others established brands in the market. However, Haier has somehow managed to get good attention from the buyers who are looking for innovative designs and good performance. The company has gained enough popularity in the last few years and is now an established brand to look for when it comes to value for money and great and unique design implementations. 

Top 5 Haier Washing Machine

Here, we will be talking about the five most popular and intelligently designed washing machines from Haier that are currently trending in the market and offering the best value for money to the buyers. So, read the article till the end, and buy the most suitable Haier washing machine for your home. As said, there are numerous models from Haier when it comes to the washing machines, this wide range of products may confuse the buyers who are planning to go with the brand for the first time, or buying the washing machine for the first time.

To help such readers, we are listing the five most reliable washing machines form the brand that you can completely rely on for quality and efficiency. Just go through the list and find the most suitable washing machine according to your needs. 

#1. Haier 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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Haier HWM58-020S is an ideal washing machine for the bachelors who do not have much washing needs every day and can easily adjust with the lesser load capacity without any major issue. The Haier HWM58-020S is one of the very few products that need little space and works pretty well with every type of clothing with ease. Those buyers who prefer buying the top load fully automatic machine for them will find the Haier HWM58-020S a great choice due to the easy to use a list of features, better cleaning, and the durable build quality. 

The unique and useful features like a removable top, stainless steel drum, Adjustable front/rear feet and the auto door lock make Haier HWM58-020S a perfect choice for homes and families with lesser washing needs. So, if you were looking for a compact, easy to use and highly durable fully automatic washing machine for your home, you should once try your hands on Haier HWM58-020S. 


  • Reliable build
  • Efficiently uses power and water
  • Customizable wash modes for better control and cleaning


  • Load capacity may be an issue

#2. Haier 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

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For the buyers who are looking for a perfect fully-automatic machine for the family of 3-4 persons, the Haier HWM65-707NZP will be an excellent choice to go with. With great performance, steel tub and many other useful design hacks make the HWM65-707NZP a great buy for the Indian costumers. 

Along with the design, the durable build and efficient performance are what makes the HWM65-707NZP a perfect choice to go within this price range. Also, the 700 RPM and higher spin speed make it a great buy for the users who are after an amazing washing machine that looks great and washes efficiently. So, if you were looking to buy a reliable washing machine with sufficient load capacity and a great list of features, Haier HWM65-707NZP would be a great product to look for.


  • Narrow-body design for smaller space
  • Noise and vibration-free operation
  • Durable ABS body


  • None so far

#3. Haier 6 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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For the buyers who are looking to buy a compact and feature-rich washing machine for their home that not only works well but also is an efficient performer that not only has a better list of features but also has dedicated wash modes for different types of clothing, the Haier HWM60-10 is a great product to go with. With the brilliant build quality and list of features, the HWM60-10 has great expectations that it nearly fulfils with perfection.

Some of the best features that HWM60-10 offers are a 2-year warranty on the product, noise-free operation, durable build quality and advanced list of features. So, if you were looking to get a great list of features and performs well under any condition, Haier HWM60-10 would be an excellent choice for you to go with. Try your hands on it and you will be surprised by the performance. 


  • 6-wash programs for better cleaning and efficiency
  • Great value for money
  • Better build than other 6kG fully-automatic washing machines available in the market


  • Control panel can be confusing for some users

#4. Haier 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

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Haier is another brilliant washing machine for users with a limited budget and space. Along with the compact design, the Haier 7 kg is loaded with advanced features and quiet performance. So, if you were looking to buy a washing machine that is compact and can deal with the daily or weekly washing needs perfectly, the Haier 7 kg would be an excellent choice to go with. Some of the best features that we think are the reasons behind the popularity of Haier are great design, 2-year warranty and higher RPM for better cleaning and drying. 


  • Rust free body
  • Lightweight construction
  • An amazing list of features


  • Not for small families

#5. Haier 9 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 


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For those buyers who are looking to buy a reliable and durable semi automatic washing machine that can be relied on for quality and efficiency, the Haier HTW90-1159 would be an excellent product to go with.  Along with the durable build quality, there are several other positive things that make HTW90-1159 a perfect machine for the families. Some of the best points that we loved about the HTW90-1159 are great usability and easy to use cleaning modes.


  • Durable build quality
  • Rust-proof body for a better life
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Bulky

Buying Guide For Best Haier Washing Machine

Before looking at the products from the brand, it is extremely important to know about those points that can help you buy best washing machine for your home. Instead of being new to the Indian market, Haier still has a wide range of washing machines in the market that target different categories of buyers. So, it is very important to know about the points that can help you buy the most reliable washing machine for home that not only fits your budget but also fulfils your needs of buying a washing machine.

  • Load capacity
  • Type of washing machine
  • Warranty and build quality 

These three points may seem too basic to some readers, but they are extremely important to consider so that you can easily find a perfect washing machine for your home. Try finding the ideal product for yourself according to the above-listed points and you will be able to find the perfect washing machine that has unique and useful features and worth every penny. 

Although the Haier deals with lots of home appliances category, one category in which this can be treated as one of the top brands in India is the washing machines. Haier washing machines, unlike the other brands, are more dedicated to the performance instead of the price. That’s the reason why you can find some of the washing machines a bit overpriced than other brands’ models available in the market, but belief us guys, the Haier washing machines are worth every penny and you can easily rely on them for the best-in-class performance


So, in case you are planning to buy a better designed, performance-oriented washing machine for your home that has an advanced and useful set of features, you should once consider Haier washing machines for your home. Believe us, you are going to love the performance and efficiency of the brand and the cleaning ability of the washing machines.