Best Onida Washing Machine In India 2020

These days, the washing machine has become an essential need for every home. Whether you talk about saving the time or efforts of washing the clothes, the washing machine has saved all such things. By just setting your clothes, your machine will start washing the clothes, and you can monitor it. In the same case, buying a new washing machine for your home can be a daunting task. 

At the present moment, there is a wide range of options in the market if you talk about a washing machine. Extra laundry space is something that you need from your washing machine. Moreover, the washing machines come in different sizes, so you have to determine the right size according to your needs. Similarly, there are some automatic washing machines available in the market that you can purchase to enjoy the cloth washing experience more. 

Top 5 Best Selling Onida Washing Machine

The top load washing machines provide you with a dryer system with which dryer function with which you can dry all your clothes within some minutes. No matter how, but, you need to choose a machine that meets your requirements. We will discuss more the top Onida washing machines in the below-listed paragraphs along with a proper buying guide and conclusion.  Here are some of the Onida washing machines which will assist you in finding the right choice for your specific requirements and making a good buying decision:

#1. Onida 6.5 kg Washer Only  Liliput, Lava Red

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In the beginning, we would love to introduce you to the Onida 6.5 kg Washer Only. This machine comes ready-to-use, and you do not need to go with any installation procedure. This is a semi-automatic top loading washer only, which is available at a very good buying rate. The families who have three or four members can go with this particular washer without having any second thought.  Let us know this machine’s pros and cons before buying it:


  • It gives two wash programs 
  • 270 w powerful motor
  • It has a capacity of 6.5 kg
  • The product features are there in the user manual
  • The machine offers 800 RPM spin speed
  • Durable and boosted performance 


  • There can be some concerns with drain options, but you need to confirm that 

#2. Onida 7.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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Onida 7.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is a reliable and leading washing machine that comes with a lot of features and specifications.  It is a 7.5 kg washing machine that is a perfect capacity for large family sizes. You get the durable stainless steel drum along with the 3D waterfall Technology. The makers of this washing machine offer five years of warranty on the motor. 


  • 3D waterfall technology for a better and clean wash 
  • 7.5 kg washing machine 
  • Total of 10 wash programs 
  • Toughened glass lid 
  • Stainless steel drum
  • 720 RPM spin speed


  • Noise production could be a worry for the users of this washing machine. Otherwise, there is no serious concern. 

#3. Onida 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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You can become familiar with this particular fully automatic top loading washing machine that comes with 6.2 kg capacity and a digital display. You can find the stainless steel drum for efficient washing along with 12 wash programs you get five years warranty on the motor and other specifications with this machine. It can be said that this washing machine will provide good value for your money with its quick washing methods.


  • Fully automatic top loading washing machine
  • Two years of comprehensive warranty
  • 1350 RPM spin speed
  • 6.2 kg capacity 
  • Stainless steel drum


  • There could be a few negative issues regarding the dryer of the machine 
  • Buyers may find the buying rate higher in comparison to other machines 

#4. Onida 7.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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This is one of the best washing machines you could buy in the market at the present moment. It comes with a wide range of features that are magnificent to get. You can consider this pin speed adjustment, delay time adjustment, washing cycle indicator, wide-opening door, and other features. 


  • 1000 RPM spin speed 
  • Stainless steel tub
  • 7.5 kg capacity
  • Less running cost


  •  There are no such issues complained by the users of this washing machine till now.

#5. Onida 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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This is yet another fully automatic top loading washing machine that comes with a 6.5 kg capacity. As a customer, you should know that this washing machine comes with ten wash programs.  2 years’ comprehensive warranty is offered and three years warranty is available on the motor.


  • ZPF technology and 3D waterfall technology 
  • 1o wash programs 
  • 6.5 kg capacity 
  • Stainless steel drum 
  • 720 RPM spin speed


  • Buying price can be a consideration for buyers. Else, there are no such cons issued by users of the washing machine. 

Buying Guide For Best Onida Washing Machine

To find the best deals, you always need to keep some important factors there in your mind. It is always difficult to determine the best washing machine based on reviews. Therefore, you can pay attention to the following points and factors that may help to buy the best washing machine:

The Material Quality of the Tub

You can find tub quality as an essential thing. It can be made up of stainless steel, porcelain-enamel or plastic. Professionals believe that plastic tubs are more durable in comparison to the other types of tubs. The stainless-steel tubs are more durable than the plastic tubs, and they can survive high spin speed.

Semi-Automatic vs. Fully Automatic 

The fully automatic washing machine helps you to save your precious time. It has more features in comparison to a semi-automatic washing machine. Many fully automatic washing machines will warm the water for helping you to use the washing powder efficiently.

The Capacity of Washing Machine

According to the number of clothes you have to wash, you need to determine the capacity of a washing machine. It is an essential thing to consider, and you cannot avoid it. 

Front-Load vs. Top Load

The front-load washing machines are stronger in comparison to the top load washing machine. You can find more features with top load machines along with the wash programs.  Therefore, you have to determine between the top load and front load washing machines.

Temperature Control 

You need to determine whether the washer of your washing machine has an in-built heater or not. This particular feature can adjust the temperature of the water. As you know, hot water can clean clothes in better ways, this feature can become essential to get.


Hopefully, you have become familiar with the different aspects of buying a washing machine. Additionally, you have become familiar with the top Onida washing machines available in the market. Hence, it will be easy to determine which washing machine will meet your requirements and desires in terms of washing the clothes. Now, you can easily make the final call on a washing machine with zero doubts.