Types of Washing Machine In India – A Complete Guide

The invention of the washing machine has proved to be a great one. This is because it has reduced the physical labour of a person to a good extent. These types of machines are always preferred by today’s fast-moving and busy people. Gone are the days when people used to wash their clothes with hands.

With the intervention of washing machines, most of such efforts has been reduced and people can save a lot of time. The advanced machine is just an expert in all types of washing. The whole process of washing clothes is done in a systematic manner.  However, depending on the position of loading clothes there are two types of machine. One is the front-loading machine and the other one is the top-loading machine.

Top Loading Washing Machine

In this case, it is seen that all the clothes are put from the top portion of the machine. There is a cover at the top of the machine that is transparent in nature. This lid allows the user to put the clothes for washing. The clothes are put on a round vessel that performs the whole washing function. The top loading washing machine is mainly preferred by people who do not want to bend their body at the time of putting clothes on the machine.

Front Loading Washing Machine

In this case, the clothes are put from the front portion of the machine. Reports say that the front-loading machine consumes less electricity or water or detergent in comparison with the top-loading ones. As a result, the machine is quite capable of providing better washing facility to the users. It is also found that about 90% of the customers prefer to buy front loading washing machines. The front load washing machine is quite advanced and nice. On the other side, depending upon the automatic features of the machine it is classified into two types, one is the semi-automatic washing machine and the other one is fully automatic washing machine.


Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

In semi automatic washing machine, the user will get two separate tubs and vessels. There are also two separate timers that decide the washing time. The user has to put the clothes and add sufficient quantity of water along with detergents and powder whatever. After the mentioned time, the machine will stop and the user has to take out the clothes to dry it in the sun.

Fully – Automatic Washing Machine

In this machine, the user will get one tub or vessel that performs the whole function. The user will provide all the sufficient amount of water or detergent on the machine and then switch on the machine. The fully automatic washing machine will start all the functions and then the user will get semi-dried clothes from the machine. The whole process is much advanced and systematic at the same time. Thus, with the help of several categories of a machine, it is just great to get a good washing facility. The user can now choose the best machine for their work.